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Hey there, welcome all.

I just started this community because, it occurred to me, I haven't met enough people in the local music community. I was looking for communities like this one and the best things I found were boston_indie, which is okay but isn't meant to focus on music. Then there was masshardcore which is too specific, and I was really turned off by the post of one asshole guy who was listing a whole bunch of bands that you're "not supposed to talk about" in that community because they're "not hardcore". Of course, this jerk off wasn't a moderator, just another one of these people who think they know the definitions of a genre better than anyone else and make the guidelines as restrictive as possible.

Thus, I decided to create a more open and inviting community. Those who know me know that this kind of goes against my nature as a music snob, but I thought the city of Boston deserves it. There's so much great music out there, but the scene itself needs some help. So everyone, feel free to start posting!
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